3 to 7 January 2016
University of Mysore

 103rd Indian Science Congress 2016    
Science & Technology for Indigenous Development in India     Register

ISC 2016 News Letter 3rd January 2016

ISC 2016 News Letter 4th January 2016


ISC 2016 News Letter 5th January 2016


ISC 2016 News Letter 6th January 2016

General Body Meeting at 4.00 p.m. on 7th January, 2016 at Crawford Hall auditorium in Mysore University. Kindly bring ISCA membership card for verification. Only Members with Voting Right will be allowed in the meeting.

Live streaming of 103rd Indian Science Congress is available on ipomo app at Mysore University room. For download instructions, open Google Playstore, download ipomo and join Mysore University or visit

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ashok Kumar Saxena
General President, Indian Science Congress Association
Prof. K. S. Rangappa
Vice - Chancellor & Organizing Chairman

Prof. N. B. Ramachandra
Local Secretary
Prof. D. D. Somashekara
Local Secretary


Dr. S. Srikantaswamy
Dr. Avinash M. Veerappa
Dr. C. D. Mohan
Dr. P. K. Maheshwar
Dr. K. Shivashankara
Dr. S. Basavarajappa
Dr. B. Sannappa
Dr. M. K. Mahesh
Sri. Sathish Bhat
Sri. Chandrashekariah

platform presentations by Plenaries, Invitees and Participants


will be delivering talks in various sections


across India and abroad will be networking together


will be used to conduct all the sections of 103rd Indian Science Congress

Nobel Laureates


Prof. John
B. Gurdon

Distinguished Group Leader
Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research
Gurdon Institute, UK


Prof. Manjul Bhargava

Professor of Mathematics
Fields Medalist
Princeton University
New Jersey, USA


Prof. David
J. Gross

University of California, 
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, 
Santa Barbara, CA, USA


Prof. Dan Shechtman

Philip Tobias Professor of Materials Science 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Prof. Serge Haroche

Collège de France  
Paris, France  
École Normale Supérieure
Paris, France



Spot Registration
Indian - INR. 3000
Foreign - $ 600

Student Member

Spot Registration
Indian - INR. 2000
Foreign - $ 250

Senior Scientist/Delegate

Spot Registration
Indian - INR. 1500
Foreign - $ 300

Host University Faculty

Spot Registration
Indian - INR. 1000
Foreign - $

Host University Student

Spot Registration
Indian - INR. 1000
Foreign - $ -

Non Member

To register for
the Indian Science Congress 2016, it is mandatory to be a member with The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

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  Latest News

06 June
103rd Indian Science Congress is live now

03 August
Membership (Annual/Life) for Indian Science Congress
Association can be availed throughout the year. There is no deadline. However, the last date for Registering for the
103rd Indian Science Congress is Dec 15 2015

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